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Ov-case pink

Ov-case pink

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With this card holder you no longer need a big wallet. It holds +/- 4 cards and fits easily in any bag or pocket. Also handy for your ov-chipcard!

The print of the card holder may be different from the picture.


I believe that fashion does not have to come at the cost of the environment. Therefore, this product is made from 100% overproduced leather. 

This is a waste product of the fast fashion industry. The leather has not passed the strict inspection due to, for example, a color difference in the leather or a small flaw in the skin such as a scar. We use this leather and ensure that it is not unnecessarily thrown away. So sustainable!


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Ojil's Bags are made in the Netherlands by Dana herself. Because of this, ojil's products have a small footprint on mother earth. A real Dutch product from a real Dutch lady.

To learn more about Ojil's story, read it on our About page.

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    Dana's mission is to get women to think more consciously about fashion. Don't go for fast fashion but instead choose sustainable and timeless. It's possible! It's better for mother earth and better for your wallet.