After graduating from HMC Amsterdam in 2017, I started making leather bags and accessories. During my studies, I was inspired by functionality and sustainability. These two pillars became the foundations of Ojil. After a long process of testing, designing and producing in my small studio in Amsterdam, the bags and accessories were made and finalized. From this was born a timeless, functional and sustainable collection for the conscious woman.



Dana believes that a bag should last a lifetime. High quality, durable & timeless. Not too many compartments, otherwise you will constantly lose everything. But you should be able to make the bag functional for yourself. If you are a student, you might put some books in it. If you go to work, your laptop sleeve. Do you have a sleepover or go traveling, clothes and your toiletry bag should fit inside. You can take the bags to the beach, the gym, you can run a small errand in them and they are perfect for a party.

The Ojil bags are produced close to home by Dana herself. So little footprint on the earth. A real Dutch product from a Dutch lady!

Dana's mission is to make women think about fashion consciously. Don't go with the fast fashion trend but choose durable and timeless. It's possible! She shows that with the carefully designed bags and accessory collection of Ojil. It's better for the earth and your wallet. 

Think of a bag from OJIL as a little black dress! It's a key piece in your accessory closet. Can go anytime! Can go for any occasion! You always feel confident in it. With the past dark and also kind of boring time, we realize all too well, it's time for a party.

After dark times comes sunshine. Be nice with each other. Make memories. Make it a party together, whoever or whatever you are. Everyone is welcome to our party! Ojil's bags are suitable for any celebration! And because of the timeless design, they go with any outfit.


I believe that fashion shouldn't have to come at the costs of the environment. All our bags and accessories are therefore made from 100% over produced leather or 100% Italian vegetable tanned leather.

Over produced leather:

This is a waste product of the fast fashion industry. The leather has not passed strict inspection due to, for example, a color difference in the leather or a small flaw in the skin such as a scar. We use this leather and make sure it is not unnecessarily thrown away.

Vegetable tanned leather:

A select collection is also made from 100% Italian vegetable tanned leather. This leather is tanned without chemicals and therefore does not have a damaging effect on the environment.

Whatever your preference is, both are sustainable!


Dana was looking for a short but catchy name for her bag label. Something close to herself. This became Ojil, an abbreviation for Opa Joop Is Lief (grandpa Joop is lovely)

Her grandpa Joop used to say, 'Dana . Grandpa Joop is...' and then lovely was filled in by Dana. Grandpa Joop is incredibly lovely, he is also fashion-conscious, loves quality and is a well-loved guest at every party.